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Laws' Cop Shop has been in the making over the past several years. We at Embroidery Works Plus have been designing and providing quality items for our local Orange County Cop Shop for the past four to five years. As a business and as individuals, we support a number of non-profits both in Orlando and accross the country. The Orange County Police Athletic League, which receives funding from the Orange County Cop Shop, is just one of the ones that we also support.

We have been alarmed at how police have been portrayed by some cities and much of the media as "the bad guys". We believe and know just the opposite. As you know, these brave men and women put their lives on the line everyday to protect us and keep things safe. We appreciate that they do this day in and day out for you and me.

So we launched Laws' Cop Shop with designs that show our support for the men and women who graciously serve us everyday. You and I can wear and use these items with pride. They truley honor and show our support for the thin blue line. Laws' Cop Shop also gives a portion of every sale to our local Orange County Police Athletic League (PAL). What they do for our young people is fantastic. 

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