The embroidery process is like none other.  When people see it in action, they are usually left in awe.  The process begins with a simple art file.  A .jpg of your logo will work in almost all cases.  We take your .jpg and have it transformed into a digitized file using special embroidery software.  In simple terms, digitizing tells the embroidery program where to put a stitch, what kind if stitch and how big a stitch to make.
Once we have the digitized file, we load it into our embroidery machines' computer. We then tell the computer what needles to use to sew the logo onto the garments.  In doing so, we load the appropriate thread colors on the designated needles and perform a sewout.  This is actually a sample of what your logo will look like when put on your garment.  We then scan the image and send it your way for your approval.  Once approved, we put your job in the production queue.  After embroidering your logo on the garments, we then clean them up removing any stray thread.  Once we finish that, we are done.  Your garments are ready and we will notify you.  




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